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Basalt roasted cashew nuts - No. 1 quality in Vietnam

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Basalt roasted cashew nuts - No. 1 quality in Vietnam


"I am Hoang Hong Tien - Company Director and founder of Bazan"

Giám Đốc Công Ty TNHH MTV Bazan
CEO Company Limited Bazan

I sincerely welcome partners to Bazan Limited Company. Bazan we are engaged on an extraordinary journey to achieve today's achievements.

Five years ago, I graduated from University of Law and became a child of a poor cashew farmer in Binh Phuoc, with the dream of being able to make a small contribution to society. After a while working as a local Communist Party Secretary, I learned a lot from that job, but I myself soon realized that my last dream was not to become an officer. the state that wants to have a self-employed business. I quit the government job with two empty hands, interrupted to find the direction of business, knew how to carry backpacks to roam the streets of Saigon to find business opportunities, to find successful people to learn. . Going home after many nights of sobbing and thinking about what I will start doing? What value will I give to this society? And then I also realized that my strength is in the best quality cashew material area in the world, what should I do to develop this strength?

Starting with the amount of VND 07 million received from the insurance payment once when I quit working as a civil servant, I bought some tools to roast cashew nuts and bought a lack of raw materials from a cashew chopping factory near my home. roast and then bring them to sell and get money back to pay them. With so many difficulties, how many times I wanted to give up, I thought I could not overcome it, each time I told myself to comfort myself, try to get people to do it then I will also do, any difficulty will pass. Just like that, I soon invested in machines and gradually got a market.

So far Bazan has market in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, Hanoi ...

Sản phẩm hạt điều rang muối Bazan

Bazan aims to be the leading supplier of quality roasted cashew nuts in Vietnam.

Myself and Bazan are proud of being Binh Phuoc, Vietnam. With a total production team, main factory and office in Binh Phuoc. We continually invest in research on new roasting and packaging to serve consumers better.

Shipping, packaging products quickly and conveniently

We believe that it is extremely important for our family and staff to create long-term contributions to the Vietnamese people, especially to contribute to the creation of a better world with passion. passion, creativity and energy.

Please welcome our partners to Bazan company!

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